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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oddience?

Oddience helps Creators, Virtual Coaches and Experts to monetize and manage 1:1 sessions with their audience. We make it easy for you to get booked, get paid and keep the conversation going.

Who is Oddience for?

Creators, Freelancers and Coaches who want to have 1:1 sessions with their audience.

How much do I pay to use Oddience?

Oddience is free to use forever. We only charge a 7.5% fee for every successful session booked.

Would I be paid ahead of a session?

Yes! Every session booked is paid for and credited to your wallet before it gets added to your calendar! Your earnings are instantly credited to your wallet and you can withdraw from your wallet anytime.

How is Oddience better than my Calendar?

Oddience saves you the stress of figuring an ideal time to hold sessions, better still, you don’t have to stitch different tools together to qualify, book or manage any session.

Are there any limits to how much I can charge for a session?

The maximum you can charge per session currently sits at $500

How do I hold meetings with Oddience?

In theory, it doesn’t matter how you choose to hold your sessions but we’ve enabled conferencing to allow you hold calls over Zoom or Google Meet.

When do I receive earnings for bookings?

Payments for earnings to your bank account are subject to the preset schedule of the payment provider you select. For Paystack, you’ll receive payments daily if you are in Nigeria. See Paystack’s preset payment schedule here if you are outside Nigeria.