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In addition to certain data(names, email address, phone number, location, device type) that you transmit as a coach to the Site, we also collect data regarding your use of the Site. We may collect additional data about you from publicly available sources or any other information that helps us tailor the right content for you.

Additionally, we may obtain other information about you from public databases. For example, when setting up your calendar on your dashboard, you provide us with your email address, name, payment details. and access to your calendar.

Even though we regularly backup your data, you are solely responsible for any data you transmit or that relates to any activity you do on the Site. You should only provide the necessary information to use our website in order to protect yourself and your personal information. Oddience is not intended for use by children under the age of 18, and we do not knowingly collect information from anyone under 18. If we come to know that someone under the age of 18 has given us their information, we will delete it right away.

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We do not store end user data, including but not limited to emails, phone numbers, or any other details provided. Our representatives will never contact end users directly.


As a coach, We will use your information to provide our website services to you; including facilitating scheduling;

  • managing your account and providing you with relevant information;
  • We use the payment information you provide us to enable clients to pay you for your coaching services.
  • It also allows us to present the billing history to you on your billing page on the website, and to perform internal financial processes, such as looking at the status of a credit card charge. In the event of a credit card dispute, we also share account information with your bank to verify the legitimacy of a charge.


We employ additional tools, agents, or contractors (collectively, "Service Providers") to carry out tasks on our behalf or help us provide services to you:

  • We might work with service providers to handle credit card transactions or other forms of payment.
  • In addition, we might hire service providers to perform tasks like developing and maintaining Oddience services, assisting with communications, infrastructure, and IT services, providing customer service, and evaluating and improving data. These service providers may have access to your personal or other information in order to provide these functions.
  • Third-party service providers may gather some of the various types of information we ask for on our behalf.

Information may be shared with service providers and government entities for security, safety, and legal reasons. The sharing of information may be needed to enforce policies or contracts, respond to security breaches, or assist in the investigation of fraud, security issues, or other concerns.

As part of our contractual requirements, we expect service providers to take reasonable steps to keep our personal data safe. Their use or disclosure of your personal data is limited to providing their services.

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